3M VHB Adhesive StickyPads for Xiaomi ActionCam Flat & Curved Mounts – Set of 5 StickyPads

€ 7,95

Product Description

The StickyPads will fit the Xiaomi Flat & Curved Mounts.
The StickyPads are made of genuine 3M VHB double sided tape as used on the original Xiaomi Adhesive Mounts. Safe money and re-use your old and used original Xiaomi Adhesive Mounts instead of buying new ones.

The 3M VHB Adhesive StickyPads for Xiaomi Flat & Curved Mounts are also compatible with the GoPro, GitUp and SJCAM flat & curved mounts.

Set of 5 StickyPads 40x50mm

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